Public private network integration

Integrated Communication Solution for Private Network and Public Network


There is a wide range of users applying analogue/digital radios and system at current stage of rapid communication development. The launch of PoC trunked products offers another option for users with features such as wider communication, convenience and etc. In order to avoid waste of original investment, and to combine the advanced technology of wireless broad band public network and advantage of digital private network, Kirisun released integrated communication solution based on current technology.



Solution Features

-Call is available on terminals of PoC, private network, digital/analogue trunking, conventional.

-Lower set-up cost. The original base station can be applied to greatly reduce set-up cost.

-Supports GPS feature on terminal and GIS motion track playback.

-Sound record playback.

-Supports trunking dispatch and other features.

Application Industries

Hotel, property management, transportation, logistics, city management, electric power, energy source, railway, port, forestry, security and etc.