Railway Solutions

System Background

Private network wireless communication system is essential tool for railway departments such as power supply, operation, customer service and etc. The fluent and timely wireless communication delivers significant insurance for railway security. Kirisun offers communication solutions intended for different department and different environment, enhancing management efficiency and operation security.

Railway Current Status

1) Non-fluent communication between each railway station;

2) The signals interfere with each other easily;

3) Hard to perform cross-regional communication;

4) Lack of unified dispatch management among each working areas.


1) Establish a digital IP Connect system and confirm the base station quantity based on environments. Usually one base station every 7-10 kilometers;

2) All the networked base stations compose one independent sub-network and the terminals are divided into groups;

3) Install wired dispatch platform to achieve remote call, voice recording and monitor.

4) Equip the duty staff with mobile radio in every railway station.



Solution Overview

Based on KRDS wireless dispatch system, kirisun dPMR/DMR dispatch management system supports dPMR or DMR repeater system. The system supports connection to device such as PSTN voice gateway via AIS SIP interface, which achieves digital repeater IP Connect, backstage voice recording, dispatch, PSTN phone and etc. The application environments include prisons, forestry, railway, fire fighting service, port, security check, big event and others. The system is composed of dispatcher Client, dispatch server, dispatch telephone, IP voice gateway, repeater and mobile terminal.

IP Modulation Management System

IP Modulation Management System

IP Modulation Management System

System Features

-Supports dPMR/DMR system networking;

-Supports regional communication and all-network connected;

-Supports All Call, Group Call, Private Call on dispatcher;

-Supports backstage voice recording, real-time call monitor;

-Supports backstage text message, Unkill and other dispatch management features;

-Supports online-offline registration(DMR), GPS posiotioning(DMR), priority call feature(DMR);

-Supports PSTN call (optional);

-Supports emergency call and audible visual alarm.

Plan Value

-Perfect combination of digital conventional and dispatch communication;

-Convenient communication for mobile terminals, dispatch center and administration office;

-Visualized dispatch.