Multimedia Fusion

Multimedia Integrated Communication and Dispatch Solution


Kirisun multimedia integrated communication and dispatch solution, based on advanced video technology, internet technology, GIS technology and private network communication technology, fully utilizes current resources. The audio/video communication management platform and dispatcher are established on Kirisun system integration technology, realizing multimedia integration communication and dispatch.



Solution Features:

The solution includes private network voice communication dispatch feature and visualized dispatch. Equipped with state-of-the-art communication and information technology, it offers features such as remote visualization, voice call, GPS location, audio/video recording, local playback, high-resolution snapshot, integrated dispatch, conference call and etc. Through visualized management, it becomes easier to cope with all kinds of accident and to implement fluent call with higher efficiency. The management platform and dispatcher guarantee effective dispatch for works and achieve economic benefits.

Main features:

Video monitor, video conference, integrated communication, wired call reception, GIS location, sound record playback, information transmission, integrated dispatch and etc.

Application Industries

Public security, traffic policeman, transportation, city management, logistics, electric power, energy sources, airport, forestry and ect.