Fire Emergency

Fire Emergency Dispatch Solutions

Solution Plan

Solution Plan


In the fire fighting process, the complicated environments such as high-rise building, underground shopping mall, tunnel and etc. will greatly affect the communication quality. It is crucial to guarantee the fluent communication during fire emergency.


Use helmet radio, portable repeater, mobile dispatcher, portable dispatcher and intrinsically safe radio to compose an emergency dispatch system based on combination of private network and public network.

Plan Value

-Guarantees fluent communication in fire emergency dispatch;

-The combination of private network and public network achieves remote dispatch communication;

-The protable repeater helps expand communication range and covers blind spots; achieves communication among device of different frequency;

-The helmet radio is easy to wear and brings convenient operation and better anti-noise capacity;

-The intrinsically safe digital radio offers safer insurance to emergency dispatch;

-Emergency features such as Mandown, Stun brings better security to life.