Body Worn Camera

Kirisun BWC Data Management System Solution

Kirisun BWC Data Management System uses the intensive data storage for the important data, and the intensive plus distributed storage of the ordinary data collection which collected by BWC.. The data collected by BWC is stored on the docking station, and the pictures, audio, video thumbnails and index information are uploaded to the server to playback, download video from the network workstation via network. The important data can be uploaded to the Command Center Server for storage.

System Solution Diagram:

System Solution Diagram

The component and function

Body Worn Camera: Each person use body worn camera to collect real-time audio and video data, and then use docking station to connect body worn camera to upload data to docking station. Meanwhile, BWC will do operation of Log uploading, charging and other operations automatically.

Docking Station (Data collection station): Docking station mainly contain 10/16/21 ports docking station which have BWC data management software. It mainly provide device management, automatic data collection, automatic charging, automatic data clearance authorization, automatic time correction, high speed data transmission, resume from break-point, etc functions.

Cloud Management Platform System: Usually it is a command center as a unit for deployment. It Includes application centers and storage centers. Application Center provides a variety of index data, management data and business data storage, in order to obtain the relevant business data, and finally on this basis to provide various business functions, such as body worn camera data query, statistical analysis, system management. The storage center is used to store important video files, including artificially marked video data and important video data that are automatically associated with the service.