Communication Solution for Property Management(Security)

Background Overview

As the government’s requirement for open community is being implemented, higher level of community security will be demanded with pressure. After investigating the communication requirements from property management of big communities, Kirisun developed to offer various products and solutions for supply of wireless coverage communication, which brings easy and better communication management, enhances working efficiency and the ability to cope with emergency.

Analysis on Customer’s Requirement

With the rapid development of economy and living standards, more and more large buildings and residential communities emerges, security requirements are therefore being enhanced. However, the complicated building structures could make wireless communication and security dispatch more difficult and lead to problems below:

1. High-rise building and complicated building structure result in communication blind spots. The call between underground parking lot and ground surroundings may be broken;

2. Buildings may not be able to get fully covered by signals and calls among buildings may be broken;

3. It may fail to track and take full attandance over the patrol route of secuirty guards;

4. Multiple departments using the same frequency without the ability to select groups leads to chaotic communication and regular operation management;

5. The call is not encrypted and voice not clear, especially in case of long communication distance or weak signals, which brings loud background noise and unclear instructions;

6. When the communication range is required to be wider, the current system cannot be expanded to enable communication among multiple repeaters;

7. When the security guard triggers alarm in emergency, the management staff is not able to recognize the ID and comprehend the emergency situation, so that they cannot perform the right rescue actions;

8. Short battery duration is not able to meet all-day-long working requirements.

As a leading supplier in professional wireless communication and system solutions, Kirisun, by ways of strong R&D resources and project experience for years, launched a wireless coverage communication solutio to solve problems confronted by most users.

Application Solutions

Application Solutions

Application Solutions


1. With careful signal tests and location selection, and also reasonable deployment for antenna system, the area can be fully covered with signals. The community including buildings and basements can be therefore well covered with stable signals to achieve free and clear communication.

2. It applies wireless digital technology and realizes group call in limited frequency resources, and the users are free to select call.

3. Lithium battery with large capacity and digital power-saving technology is provided to support longer power.

4. It applies FDMA or TDMA digital product to easily achieve group call and select call. It can ensure clear voice even in environment with noise and weak signals and also be compatible with current analogue equipment.

5. Digital voice encryption technology prevents people with same radios of same frequency but different password from getting in the call.

6. It supports emergency call. When someone is in emergency, he can trigger an emergency call, and the radio will send its own ID and background noise to the management staff or dispatch center for help. It the radio is equipped with GPS feature, people in emergency can be tracked down for location.

7. The portable radio with RFID feature can be used along with the dispatch management system software to realize patrol monitor management.

8. The user can make free combination between communication network and backstage system based on actual requirements. It supports IP Connect and provides dispatch management backstage. It is able to meet requirements for expansion and achieves communication across regions and cities.

9. Using Kirisun iRDS wireless dispatch management system, the radios achieves features including call log, two-way call recording, regional control, status monitor, emergency call, GPS location and ect.

Equipment List and Recommended Models

FP460, FP420, FM540

DP405, TP660, TP620, DP770, TM840, FR550/530, TR850

iRDS Wireless Dispatch Management System.