1.Communication Solutions for Hotel (Entertainment) Industry

Background Overview

The rapid development of entertainment industry requires more wireless communication application. Apart from conventional wireless call, dispatch feature is also required to ensure better management.

Analysis on Customer’s Requirement

More and more big hotels are being built with high-rise building, multi-level structures, underground parking lot and application of multiple group calls,which cause problems below:

1. Blind spots. Broken communication may exist between different floors, in reception lobby or underground security.

2. As there are too many departments using the communication system, group call is not able to be achieved on the approved limited frequency.

3. The call is not encrypted. The fact that radios of same frequency and same CTCSS can receive the call may lead to security risk for some big hotels.

4. Unclear call. It is hard to hear clear instructions in long communication distance or environment with weak signals.

5. No text message. The radio cannot receive text message instruction, which makes it impossible to trace communication.

6. No emergency call. It cannot receive emergency dispatch call during emergency.

7. It does not support upgrade expansion.


After investigation and research, Kirisun, based on original dispatch system, developed a wireless communication solution for hotel industry with combination of current products. This solution supports fluent communication among analogue products. But for more dispatch management features, it is recommended to use digital terminals.

Kirisun Digital Wireless Communication Coverage System

Kirisun Digital Wireless Communication Coverage System


1. With careful signal tests and location selection, and also reasonable deployment for antenna system, the area can be fully covered with signals (including basement).

2. Supports group call.

3. Encryption feature. Radios of same model and frequency but with different voice encryption cannot receive call.

4. As long as the radio is within the valid coverage area, the call will be clear without background noise no matter the signals are strong or weak.

5. Supports text message (for radio with LCD screen) for easy tracing management.

6. Supports emergency dispatch.

7. Supports system expansion and fluent communication across multiple districts or cities, which reduces investment on equipment upgrade.

8. It is able to meets different user demands with powerful dispatch management backstage software.

Equipment List and Recommended Models

FP460, FP420, FM540

DP405, TP660, DP620, DP770, TM840, FR550/530, TR850

Kirisun Indoor Wireless Coverage System, iRDS Wireless Dispatch Management System