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FP560 adopting narrowband (6.25 kHz Bandwidth) FDMA technology provides a scalable digital experience with abundant benefits.Higher spectrum efficiency.Improved audio quality and communication range.Smart/Intelligent mixed mode.Enhanced digital encryption.

Portable - FP560


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FP560   Spectrum Efficiency (6.25 KHz Bandwidth)

With Frequency-Division Multiple Access (FDMA) technology, the 12.5 kHz channels are now split into 6.25 KHz subdivisions. FP560 with doubledchannels releases you from noisy and busy channels as well as saving your Licensing budget.

FP560   Smooth Migration

The unparalleled mixed mode of FDMA can fit in both modes without turning scan on; consequently no extra battery will be consumed. The increase of flexibility makes it possible for you to start to use Kirisun digital radios together with your legacy analogue system, and then move to digital step by step at your desired time schedule.

FP560   Improved Audio Quality and communication range

Static and noises are effectively filtered by Forward Error Correction technology and vocoder process. FP560possesses more consistent audio performance throughout the coverage area and in chaos circumstance.

FP560   Secure Communication

Build-in 32-bit digital encryption provides more than 4 billion customizable codes offering safer communication without deploying further encryption hardware.

FP560   Versatile Voice Call

With digital signaling, 560 provides private call, group call, all call and emergency call. Wide variety of selective callsis available to set up user’s own talk groups and quiet stand-by when others are talking.

FP560   Emergency Call

Different kinds of emergency callscould be programmed. The radio will send an alarm and the back around sound to the controller or partners by press the programmed button when you are in dangerous.

FP560   Compact but Rugged Design

FP560 designed in compact size and with LCD display is convenient for daily use. It Complies with MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G and IP65 water and dust proof offers reliable performance in dusty, muddy, or moist environment.

FP560   Longer Working Time

The standard battery with 1500mah capacity could provide 15 hours working time, and the battery with 2000mAh high capacity is optional.

FP560   Clear Voice

Larger inner audio cavity speaker gives you a crisp clear voice communication.

FP560   Text Message

Text Message allows pre-programmed and customizable text messages for discreet communication.

FP560   Rich Functionality

Late Entry, 5Tone, DTMF, Scan, Radio Kill/Revive, Radio Check, Remote Monitor and Calling Alert.

General Transmitter Receiver
Frequency Range 136-174MHz, 400-470MHz RF Power Output 5W/1W(VHF)   4W/1W(UHF)  Frequency Stability ±2.5 ppm
Channel Capacity 256 Frequency Stability ±2.5 ppm Reference Sensitivity 0.25μV@12.5KHz, 0.22μV@6.25KHz
Channel Spacing 12.5KHz(Analog)  6.25KHz(Digital) Frequency Modulation 11KφF3E (Analog), 4FSK(Digital)  Adjacent Channel Selectivity -60dB@12.5KHz, -50dB@6.25KHz
Operating Temperature -25℃~ +55℃ Antenna Impedance 50Ω Intermodulation 65dB
Operating Voltage 7.5V DC ±20% Modulation Limiting ±2.5kHz @12.5KHz Spurious Response Rejection 70dB
Battery 1500mAH Li-ion Radiated Spurious Emission -36dBm@< 1GHz, -30dBm@> 1GHz Rated Audio Output 1W@16Ω
Dimension (with battery and antenna) 118mm x55mmx35mm Adjacent Channel Power 60dB@12.5KHz, 50dB@6.25KHz Hum and Noise 40dB@12.5KHz
Weight (with battery and antenna) 315g FM Noise 40dB@12.5KHz Rated Audio Distortion ≤5%
    Modulation Distortion < 3%    
  • Portable - FP560
  • Portable - FP560
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