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Docking Station


Kirisun ZCS-KRSD3 data collection station is designed to solve the problem of data collection and data uploading and management . ZCS-KRSD3 owns features such as ID identification, data auto uploading ,auto charging, auto time synchronization etc., supporting up to 21 body-camera data uploading.



Docking Station - ZCS-KRSD3


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ZCS-KRSD3Automatic Collection for Data

Automatically collects videos, audio and log records from the body-worn camera for classification and storage.

ZCS-KRSD3Data Search and Downloading

The data in the station can be searched according to properties like time and equipment serial number and played as well as downloaded.

ZCS-KRSD3Automatic Charging

When the body-worn camera is connected to the collection station, automatic charging starts.

ZCS-KRSD3Automatic Data Clearance

The data can be automatically cleared after the collection is completed, or it can be remained unchanged to avoid repeated copy.


The data collection system can be connected to the authorized recorders for purpose of prevention of any illegal access.

ZCS-KRSD3High-Speed Data Transmission

High efficient data encryption and transmission technology allows DCS to deliver impressive data import speed up to 480Mbps.

ZCS-KRSD3Resume From Break Point

Support data transferring with interruption resuming capability to protect transfer against network jam or failure.

ZCS-KRSD3Automatic Time Correction

Automatic time correction ensures time accuracy on the recorder.

ZCS-KRSD3Device Management

In device management interface, users can change camera screen definition, device password, device ID etc.

ZCS-KRSD3Good compatibility

t is compatible with body-worn camera of mainstream brands in the market.

Equipment Dimension 1800*490*380(H*W*L/Bare Machine)
Weight 51Kg(Including package)
Screen 19-inch high-precision touch screen; supports resolution over 1280x1024
CPU Intel G1840/I3/I5/I7 processor
Mainboard Industrial mainboard
Memory 4GB expandable
Hard Disk SATA monitor hard,disk,2TB/4TB/8TB/16TB/32TB(Optional)
Cabin Quantity Supports 16-21 cabins;

interface 1
Power Interface AC 100-240V,50/60Hz
Speaker Built-in multi-media speaker
  • Docking Station - ZCS-KRSD3
  • Docking Station - ZCS-KRSD3